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About the King Coal Association

About the King Coal Association

The King Coal Association was formed in 1953 to celebrate mining and its associated industries, the workers, and their families whose rich heritage has lead to the development of Southwestern Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio.The King Coal Association is a nonprofit organization, considering that all profits from the King Coal Show are donated to its three member organizations: the Carmichaels Area Chamber of Commerce, the Carmichaels-Cumberland Twp. Volunteer Fire Company, and the Carmichaels Lions Club. All of the member organizations benefit those in-need around the Carmichaels, PA area.

In 1953, many coal miners in the Southwest Pennsylvania region lost their jobs due to mechanization and coal mines beginning to close. Four Carmichaels residents (Paul Smith, Ross Allison, Stanley Allison, and Ellis "Parker" Burnette) and several local organizations decided to create a festival to bring attention to the "hub of the soft coal region" and celebrate the hard work and labor hours miners dedicated to create the coal mining town. The created the King Coal Association in 1954 to foster the development and advancement of the bituminous coal industry. Through this newly established organization, the First Annual Pennsylvania Bituminous Coal Festival was held on October 13-16, 1954. Originally, the festival simply included a parade, coal mining demonstrations and dedications, and the Coal Queen pageant. 65 years later, the King Coal Show has now blossomed into a week-long celebration of tradition and family. While several more components have been added to the Coal Show's entertainment and exhibit schedule, the history and legacy of the miners that helped create this town and this country have lived on through this festival and the dedicated volunteers and patrons that make it possible.


Officers of King Coal Association

President- Mike Riggen

First Vice-President- Bill Humbert

Second Vice-President- Bill Harr

Treasurer-Michele Clark

Secretary- Lisa Allison

Publicity Director- Michelle Frye

Parade Chairmen-

Eric Rose & Justin Newman

Executive Board Members

Sandy Bruce

Pam Whyel

Liz Walker

Ruth Enci

Craig Baily

Bob Schiffbauer

Josey Riggi

Linda Rush

Joe Putila

Tyler Wilson

David Hockenberry

Lee Watson

William Rose

Bryce Rush

Ed Chess

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